Rainbows looping Arc de Triomphe Pride Month

Traditionally, the Arc de Triomphe stands as a symbol of triumph and national pride.

In June 2023, the iconic monument in Paris took on a whole new look to celebrate Pride Month. 

But here’s the twist – it wasn’t your usual rainbow flag waving in the wind. 

It was a virtual masterpiece created by a digital artist.

Picture this: the Arc de Triomphe bathed in a dynamic display of animated rainbows and patterns. 

It wasn’t just a static image; it was a moving, evolving work of art.

The digital art installation brought the Arc de Triomphe to life with animated sequences and evolving patterns.

The Pride Arc de Triomphe became a mesmerizing beacon of celebration.


However, amid the celebration, a bit of misinformation started making the rounds. 

A digital content artist shared a video of a virtual rainbow over the iconic monument, turning it into a dynamic display of support and unity.

Some mistakenly believed the virtual rainbow was a physical modification to the Arc de Triomphe, leading to the misconception that the monument had been ‘defaced’ for Pride. 

Certain Facebook posts maintained this misconception, incorrectly claiming that digital art was a real installation. 

However, the vibrant, looping rainbow Arc de Triomphe online is the magic of digital art, not an actual modification to the monument.

So, as we soak in the mesmerizing virtual rainbow at the Arc de Triomphe, let’s appreciate the beauty of art while keeping our facts straight. 

Double-check those sources and stay on the same (virtual) page.

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