Arc de Triomphe Tickets

Arc de Triomphe, an iconic monument in the heart of Paris, is one of Paris’s most significant and recognizable landmarks.

One of the largest triumphal arches in the world celebrating the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte and French soldiers took nearly 30 years to build.

Known for the tomb of the unknown soldier from the First World War, it is an iconic symbol of French national identity visited by millions of people each year.

The Arc, inaugurated in 1836, rests at the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle, boasting an overall height of 50 m (164 ft) and a width of 45 m (148 ft).

Hours: 10 am to 11 pm, Monday to Sunday

Time Needed: 45 minutes to an hour and a half

Rooftop Ticket: €13 (US $14) per person

Audio-guided tour: €18 (US $19) per person

Nighttime Bus Tour: €28 (US $30) per person

Best Time: Early morning, sunset and night

Location:  The Arc de Triomphe is at the center of a star-shaped intersection of twelve avenues. It is the western endpoint of the popular Champs-Élysées.

Address: Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris, France. Get directions.

Where to buy Arc de Triomphe tickets online?

You can purchase them online or at the ticket office on-site.

We recommend purchasing Arc de Triomphe tickets online to make the most of your stay in Paris.

Why are online tickets better?

To have the best experience, book the best Arc de Triomphe tickets in advance and save money by getting the cheapest ticket options.

You can buy Arc de Triomphe tickets online to skip the lines at the ticket counter and get more information about the kinds of tickets available. 

You can also select a specific time slot for your visit and plan your day better.

Online tickets include discounts or combo packages, making them an affordable way to visit multiple Paris sights efficiently.

Buying tickets online in advance will spare you the stress of last-minute arrangements or the possibility of tickets being sold out for the date and time of your planned visit.

How do online tickets work?

When you buy Arc de Triomphe tickets online, you get an email confirming the purchase and digital tickets. 

You have to show the e-tickets at the monument’s entrance and get quick access to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

Carrying a hard copy of the Arc de Triomphe tickets is not mandatory.

Arc de Triomphe Ticket Price

General entry tickets, providing access to the terrace, are the most budget-friendly option. 

The general Arc de Triomphe ticket price is €13 (US$ 14) per adult aged 18 years and above. 

Children under 18 years and EU citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 get free entry.

Note: Non-European residents on French territory, French jobseekers and differently-abled visitors with a carer also get free entry.

Types of Arc de Triomphe tickets

The most popular tickets are the Arc de Triomphe rooftop tickets that offer access to the top of the monument after climbing the nearly 300 stairs. 

You can also buy the skip-the-line tickets to Arc de Triomphe that give access to climb the top of the arc and walk around the Champs Elysses.

Many other options include sightseeing bus tours, city passes and combo tickets.

Arc de Triomphe Rooftop Tickets

When you secure your Arc de Triomphe tickets, you gain access to this iconic monument and can explore its rooftop for spectacular panoramic views of Paris. 

As you ascend, you will find interesting photo and video displays that offer insights into the history and significance of the Arc. 

You can enjoy unique perspectives of the bustling Champs-Élysées and the city’s charming landscape from the rooftop. 

Additionally, visiting the Arc allows you to pay your respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made during wartime.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (18+ years): €13 
EU Citizen ticket (18 to 25 years): Free Entry
Child ticket (upto 17 years): Free Entry

Arc de Triomphe and Seine River Cruise

Arc de Triomphe and Seine River Cruise is a popular combination package.

The package includes Arc de Triomphe skip-the-line tickets and a river cruise on the Seine River, which you can use anytime during the selected day.

If you buy the individual tickets, the total comes to be €34, but with this combo ticket, you get a discount of €3, and it costs only €31.

Ticket Price for Arc de Triomphe

Adult ticket (18+ years): €13
Child ticket (upto 17 years): Free Entry

Ticket Price for Seine River Cruise

Adult ticket (13+ years): €15
Child ticket ( 4 to 12 years): €6
Infant ticket (upto 3 years): Free Entry
Combo Price: €31

Arc de Triomphe Skip the Line Ticket

Enjoy a 45-minute guided mini-walking tour as you prepare to explore the iconic Arc de Triomphe with your entry ticket. 

Then, you can take advantage of the Paris shuttle for a convenient and hassle-free way to reach your next destination in the city.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (12+ years): €41
Child ticket (4 to 11 years): €31
Infant ticket (upto 3 years): Free Entry

Tootbus Hop on Hop off Bus Tour

Discover the city with a flexible 1, 2, or 3-day hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour. 

Headphones are provided, but you’re encouraged to bring your own to reduce waste. 

Enjoy audio commentary on the bus and via the app, with a special kids’ audio guide available. 

Access real-time bus tracking, audio commentary, self-guided walking tours, and an M-ticket wallet via the local partner’s app. 

Stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi, and travel in a clean-energy vehicle for a greener, more enjoyable experience.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (13+ years): €37
Child ticket (4 to 12 years): €20
Infant ticket (upto 3 years): Free Entry

Nighttime Paris Bus Tour

If you only want to see the city and its sights illuminated at night, you can book a front-row seat on the nighttime Paris bus tour.

This 2-hour Paris night tour includes landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and more.

You can board an open-top bus and enrich your experience with digital audio commentary in multiple languages. 

Souvenir earbuds are provided for your convenience. 

Stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi and access route information through the Big Bus app. 

You can also enhance your adventure with an optional Eiffel Tower priority entry ticket and a guided tour of the 2nd Floor, making it a memorable and hassle-free night in Paris.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (13+ years): €29
Child ticket (4 to 12 years): €20
Infant ticket (upto 3 years): Not Permitted

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Arc de Triomphe Combo Tickets

Other well-liked Arc de Triomphe tickets are the combo tickets that include more than one attraction.

You get a discount on all individual tickets by combining attractions into a single ticket.

Some of the best combo tickets with Arc de Triomphe entry.

Combo TicketPrice
Eiffel Tower Tour, Arc de Triomphe, and Cruise€100
Arc de Triomphe + Seine River Cruise€20
Arc de Triomphe + Montparnasse Tower + Rooftop€30
Panthéon + Arc de Triomphe€25
Louvre Museum + Arc de Triomphe€30
Arc de Triomphe + Opéra Garnier€27
Arc de Triomphe + Sainte Chapelle€25
Fondation Louis Vuitton + Arc de Triomphe€35


Is there an admission fee to visit the Arc de Triomphe?

Yes, there is an admission ticket to enter the Arc de Triomphe. 

How much does it cost to visit the Arc de Triomphe?

To climb to the top of the monument, you must purchase a rooftop ticket that costs €13 for adults.

However, entry to Arc de Triomphe is free for everyone below 18 years, EU citizens under 26, and non-European permanent residents of France. 

The monument also allows free entry to everyone on the first Sunday of every month, from November to March. 

How much does the Arc de Triomphe child ticket cost?

 Arc de Triomphe entry tickets are free for children under the age of 18 years. 

Should I buy Arc de Triomphe tickets in advance?

To have the best experience, you can buy your Arc de Triomphe tickets in advance online. You can choose from several Arc de Triomphe tickets, tours, and passes
Doing so will give you more time to explore the monument and reduce the chances of last-minute hassles and disappointments of sold tickets for your preferred time slot. 

How do I get to Arc de Triomphe for free?

Arc de Triomphe tickets are free for specific people, including minors, EU citizens between 18 and 25 with valid ID, people with disabilities, and unemployed people with certificates.

You can get to Arc de Triomphe for free.

How to get to Arc de Triomphe?

Situated at the western end of the Champs-Elysees at the center of a busy roundabout, Arc de Triomphe is easily accessible by metro, bus, or taxi. 

The nearest metro station is Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, served by lines 1, 2, and 6.
Read more about various ways to reach Arc de Triomphe for more information on public transportation in Paris.

What is the best time to visit Arc de Triomphe? 

The best time to visit Arc de Triomphe is early in the morning, as soon as the monument opens at 10 am, or in the evening after 6 pm. 

The view around sunset and the rekindling of eternal fame are other reasons for visiting in the evening. 

What to expect at Arc de Triomphe?

Arc de Triomphe is situated at the western end of the Champs-Elysées and offers stunning panoramic views of the capital city and the surrounding countryside.

The Arc’s pillars display four sculptures with intricate details depicting various points in the country’s history. 

Inside the monument, 284 steps lead to the top of the arc, while the museum in the attic is a few floors below the terrace.

The museum is the best place to learn about the history of the Arc de Triomphe and its significance in French culture and history. 

It showcases exhibits about the design and displays large models of the arc.

Another moving feature of the Arc de Triomphe is the eternal flame rekindled every evening, honoring the memory of soldiers who fought and died for France. 

Visiting the Arc de Triomphe provides the best opportunity to experience the beauty and history of Paris firsthand.


Here are some fascinating facts about the Arc de Triomphe.

The Arc de Triomphe, in Paris, occupies a central position at the Étoile (Star) roundabout, where 12 main roads converge. 

Millions of tourists annually visit the Arc de Triomphe, one of the most famous landmarks in Paris.

The Arc de Triomphe is 50 meters (164 feet) high, 45 meters (148 feet) wide, and 22 meters (72 feet) deep.

Visitors may go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for sweeping views of Paris. There are 284 steps to the top. 

Inside the arc, an elevator takes you to the attic, where you can find a small museum. 

The museum exhibits big replicas of the Arc and offers historical information about its construction and past.

To get to the terrasse, the top level from where one can see all of Paris, one must climb 40 more stairs.

Architect Jean-François-Thérèse Chalgrin created the arc that Napoleon Bonaparte ordered in 1806 following his victory at the Battle of Austerlitz.

Construction of the monument began in 1806 but was only completed in 1836, long after Napoleon died in 1821.

When Napoleon married his wife Marie-Louise, he had a replica of the Arc made of wood.

Until North Korea built its victorious arch in 1982, which was far larger than Paris’, the Arc de Triomphe was the biggest structure on Earth.

The arc lists the 660 generals who fought in Napoleon’s army and is decorated with relief sculptures showing significant events in French history.

The tomb of the unknown soldier lies beneath the Arc de Triomphe and contains the remains of a French soldier who died in World War I.

The monument is illuminated every night, and every evening at 6.30 pm, a flame is rekindled at the unidentified soldier’s tomb.

The monument’s Eternal Flame has been continuously lit for almost a century.

Several significant events in French history took place at the monument, including the funeral procession of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1840, the Allies’ victory march in 1919, and General Charles de Gaulle’s burial procession in 1970.

The arc was the scene of two assassination attempts— one on Charles de Gaulle (1962) and one on Jaques Chirac (2002) —  both failed.

Charles Godefroy flew his fighter plane through the archway shortly after World War I as a tribute to the fallen pilots who died in the war.

This impressive act was recorded on video and is now widely available online.

Watch the seconds-long clips on youtube.

The four pillars each display sculptures representing distinct periods in French history:

  • Le Départ de 1792, designed by François Rude, depicts the departure of the volunteers in 1792 during the French Revolution.
  • Le Triomphe de 1810, designed by Jean-Pierre Cortot, shows the triumph of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1810.
  • Résistance de 1814, designed by Antoine Étex, conveys the resistance during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.
  • Paix de 1815, also designed by Antoine Étex, establishes the French army’s victory during World War I.

To learn more interesting Arc de Triomphe facts, take the audio-guided tour, including the entry ticket. 

Arc de Triomphe Reviews

View of the Eiffel Tower
You can view the Arc for free from the street level, or pay for a ticket to climb up to the top for views of the city. This was included with our Paris Museum Pass so we took advantage.

bananafishfever, Florida, USA

It’s a beautiful monument.
One of the classic and must-see attractions in Paris. I recommend the walk on the Champs Elysées where you can see the Arch in the background and get closer little by little. It is possible to go up to appreciate the landscape of the city from the terrace for 18 euros.

Kelly H, Los Angeles, California

Attractions near Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

Standing proudly on the Champ de Mars in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is an iconic monument that needs no introduction. 
Named after engineer Gustave Eiffel, this magnificent tower was constructed to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution. 
At the time of its completion, it proudly held the title of the world’s tallest building, soaring to a remarkable height of 1,024 feet (312.11 meters). 
With its intricate design and romantic allure, the Eiffel Tower remains a symbol of Paris’s rich history and creative spirit.

Opera Garnier

The Palais Garnier, commonly referred to as Opéra Garnier, is an opulent opera house nestled in the heart of Paris’s 9th arrondissement. 
This architectural masterpiece was constructed under the patronage of Emperor Napoleon III from 1861 to 1875. 
It features lavish interiors adorned with busts of opera legends.
Celebrated for its opulent Second Empire Baroque design, it also serves as a stage for the mesmerizing performances of the Paris Opera Ballet.

Grand Palais

The Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées, known as the Grand Palais, is a Parisian masterpiece. 
Constructed for the 1900 Exposition Universelle, it features a distinctive glass dome flanked by imposing facades. 
Covering an area of 775,000 square feet, it represents the magnificence of French art, architectural grandeur and profound cultural significance.
The Grand Palais serves as an exhibition hall and museum complex.

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